Ready to enjoy the best bbq in Nashville tonight?! Our private lable bbq sauce makes all the difference in the world when it comes to great tasting food.

Pork, chicken, brats, ribs, even seafood tastes out of this world when you've slathered 'em up.

Our private lable Barbecue Slather is a special barbecue sauce made for my friends and family. And it was soon clear we had to move from making it in small batches in my home to a real kitchen. And the quality, texture, and most importantly, the taste are better than ever.

BBQ Slather has a sturdy texture and you can see the spices and herbs. The flavor starts off sweet and finishes with a little bit of heat … some say sneaky heat. But not too much.

It's a thick, almost paste-like sauce...not like that watery, over-processed stuff. Barbecue Slather stays just where you want it: right on the food.

Tastes great, grilled or baked, on:

Create your own concoctions:

  • Potato Salad
  • Tartar Sauce (with fried catfish...yum!)
  • Deviled Eggs (ugly, but tasty.)

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